Fraudulent Promotion of the Cimavax EGF Vaccine

September 24, 2015 by CubaHeal Research

Dated 13 July 2015, the Center of Molecular Immunology (CIM) had knowledge of the existence of a WEB site located on a server in Seattle, United States (, which provides fraudulent promotion of the CIMAvax-EGF vaccine, a drug developed and patented by the CIM.

About This Site We Want to Express

  1. The existence of the site, information contained or a suggestion indicated, are not linked in any way to the CIM or its exclusive sales representative CIMAB S.A.
  2. The information provided therein is not reliable or endorsed in any way by our center, although when in a misleading way, publish real articles on vaccine from our researcher team.
  3. The CIMAvax-EGF vaccine, is not in trade phase in the United States and cannot be purchased through any intermediary authorized in this territory.
  4. The site cheats patients and their family members in a clear manner by promising a cure or stabilization of the disease without the opinion of a physician and under any circumstances; but certainly the CIM leads clinical trials of the vaccine CIMAvax-EGF in various territories with promising results.
    CIM strongly recommends that this vaccine is not acquired through this site. The prescription of this drug should be through a doctor in those territories where the National Regulatory Agency authorizes its use.
  5. The CIM is a Biotechnology Center with more than 20 years committed to science, health, the work ethic and the safety of patients. The CIM would never use fraud to obtain any economic benefits.
    We much regret that acts of this type take place with impunity in online media.Official information about the vaccine and others drugs can be found in our center web sites: and or contact us at:Commercial office: CIMAB S.A.
    Address: 206 No. 1926 Atabey, Playa, Havana. CUBA
    Phone: (53) 7272-5162, 72725163 , 7271 5057
    Fax: (53) 7273-3509
    Commercial Director: Einard Blanco

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