Cuban Medical Education


Cuban Medical Education Overview National institute of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Cuba has recently earned the reputation of being a popular medical tourism destination. The country is at par with many other nations when it comes to offering medical facilities. They have highly professional doctors and top-quality medical practitioners. Cuba has always been proud of [...]

Treatment for Diabetic Foot Ulcer Utilizing Heberprot-P


Treatment for Diabetic Foot Ulcer Utilizing Heberprot-P  For Diabetic Foot Ulcer, Heberprot-P is a drug developed by the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) in 2007 in Cuba. Diabetic Foot Ulcer Diabetes is no longer considered life threatening, nonetheless diabetes and complications due to diabetes, when not under control, remain to be sixth [...]

Fraudulent promotion of the CIMAvax EGF vaccine


  Fraudulent promotion of the CIMAvax-EGF vaccine 30/07/2015 Dated 13 July 2015, the Center of Molecular Immunology (CIM) had knowledge of the existence of a WEB site located on a server in Seattle, United States (, which provides fraudulent promotion of the CIMAvax- EGF vaccine, a drug developed and patented by the CIM. About [...]

Psoriasis Treatment with Coriodemina


Psoriasis Treatment with Coriodemina.  Psoriasis is an incurable but treatable skin condition. One of the most effective treatments is Coriodemina, a water soluble gel developed in Cuba by Dr. Carlos Miyares Cao, world renown researcher holding a doctorate in Medicine from the University of Havana, Cuba, with a  specialty in Gynecology, Obstetrics and Pharmacology [...]

Racotumomab for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Vaccine


Racotumomab for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Vaccine Racotumomab (trade name Vaxira) is a non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) vaccine developed by researchers at the Center of Molecular Immunology, Cuba in collaboration with researchers from the Buenos Aires University, Argentina with promising results. It was granted certificate of approval by the State Center for Quality [...]

CIMAVAX-EGF for non-small cell lung cancer vaccine


CIMAVAX-EGF for non-small cell lung cancer vaccine CIMAVAX-EGF is the first worldwide registered therapeutic vaccine for non-small lung cancer developed in Cuba by the Center for Molecular Immunology in conjunction with the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. In 2008 it was approved by the Cuban regulatory authority for the use in adults with [...]

Patients in 34 countries recover eyesight thanks to Cuba and Venezuela


All over Cuba these days there are celebrations of the tenth anniversary of "Operation Miracle." The U.S. public knows almost nothing about this internationalized project involving the restoration of vision for enormous numbers of people. Set in motion on July 8, 2004, Operation Miracle took shape within the context of the Bolivarian Alliance for [...]