For many patients, Cuba is considered as Cuba as the best Medical Treatment Destination. At CubaHeal, we are committed to Cuba for the following fundamental reasons:

  • Affordable yet high-quality health care treatments:
    Many patients seek Cuba not only for its high-quality treatment but also to avoid the unattainable financial burdens of health care costs in their own countries.
  • International medical certification:
    Most of the medical centers available in Cuba are certified ISO 14001 and ISO 9001: which is an international status given to institutions adhering to British Standard Institution (BSI) when it comes to excellence in medical conduct, hygiene, sanitation, and administration.
  • Expert evaluations:
    All treatments requests are evaluated by teams of Cuban medical experts in order to determine the most suitable treatment protocol
  • No wait time:
    As opposed to treatment in your own country, Cuba prides itself in offering quality medical care without the long wait. The average amount of time it takes for the treatment program to start is between 2 weeks to a month.
  • Cuban doctors are some of the world’s finest:
    In the last 5 years, over 50 thousand patients from 40 countries have benefited from Cuban Medical expertise.
  • Medical breakthroughs:
    Cuba is recognized for its medical breakthroughs in treatment, and in some instances, curing diseases that are considered incurable in some of the most advanced medical centers in both North America and Europe. Some of these breakthroughs and cures include:
  • One of the world’s most advanced countries in the field of Orthopedic surgeries
  • One of the world’s most advanced countries in the treatment of Retinitis Pigmentosa degenerative disease which leads to blindness
  • Effective treatment for hard to treat skin conditions such as Vitiligo, Psoriasis, and Alopecia
  • Four Cancer patent vaccines which proved effective in the treatment of advanced Lung Cancer. Many people are unaware that Cuba was the country developed CimaVax, Vaxira, and Nimotuzumab, some of the most effective anti-cancer drugs known to treat advanced Lung cancer and Head and Neck and brain tumors, as well as HeberProt-P, the most effective treatment for Diabatic Foot Ulcer.
  • Higher Health standards than many other advanced nations: According to the world Health Organization (WHO), Cuba attains higher health indicators than advanced countries such as the United States
  • Cuba is a beautiful island: with breathtaking beaches, a tropical oceanic climate, and natural beauty, many people believe it to be the most gorgeous island on Earth. The magic of Cuba can be seen and heard everywhere; you can feel it in the food and drink, in the architecture, in the smiles of the local people and even in the air.

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