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“William Soler” Pediatric Cardiovascular Centre 2017-11-19T11:11:45+00:00

William Soler Pediatric Cardiovascular Centre

William Soler Pediatric Cardiovascular Centre was inaugurated at the same time that the National Cardiopediatric Network, by Commander in chief Fidel Castro Ruz on August 25th, 1986. The first surgery was performed at the early date of October 27th, 1986.

This Cardiovascular hospital is the national reference center for pediatric cardiology and cardiovascular surgery, and the leading institution of the National Program for the Attention of Children with Heart Diseases.

The National Pediatric Cardiology Network provides health care coverage to children with heart disease in the country, ensuring continuity of care at all levels of the National Health System. This program at William Soler Pediatric Cardiovascular Centre is subordinated to the Mother and Child Department of the Ministry of Public Health.

The Pediatric Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Program is a quality leap in the comprehensive care of our patients, since 1992.

The teaching, research, and scientific activities exhibit satisfactory results. The center is recognized in the world for the treatment of congenital cardiovascular ailments and also the in the introduction of new diagnosis, therapeutic and rehabilitation techniques.

One example is the broad range of scientific works, education, and research that has been presented by its specialists in congresses and national and international events.