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Doctor in Medicine

The program has a mandatory pre-medical Spanish proficiency course for non-Spanish speaking students unless showing the mastery of the Spanish language, demonstrated through a proficiency test (oral and written) at a price of 75.00 CUC which is not included in the price of any of the under grade careers.

The purpose of the course is to prepare is to arm the student with deep knowledge of the Spanish language and all relevant vocabulary related to Biomedical Sciences. It also prepares students for the development of the teaching process including evaluations.

Non-Spanish speaking students:

The program’s duration is 7 years. It includes 1 year of Spanish pre-med training in addition to the standard 6-year degree program. The total cost of the program, including premedical and Spanish language courses, is 93,000.00 CUC and is divided as follows:

Career Pre-med (including Pre-medical and Spanish courses) * PRICE
1st year
2nd year *
3rd year *
4th year *
5th year *
6th year *
Total Program cost
Doctor in Medicine 14,000.00 CUC 13,500.00 CUC 13,500.00 CUC 13,000.00 CUC 13,000.00 CUC 16,000.00 CUC 16,000.00 CUC 99,000.00 CUC

Spanish speaking Student:

The program’s duration is 6 years.
Total cost of the program is 89,000.00 CUC and is divided as follows:

Career PRICE
2nd- year *
3rd- year *
4th- year *
5th- year *
6th- year *
Doctor in Medicine 17,500.00 CUC 13,500.00 CUC 13,000.00 CUC 13,000.00 CUC 16,000.00 CUC 16,000.00 CUC 89,000.00 CUC


Important Notices:

  • CUC stands for Cuban Convertible Peso
  • All non-Spanish speaking students are required to enroll in a 1-year pre-med program intended to deepen students’ knowledge of the Spanish language related to Biomedical Sciences and also to train the students in the development of the teaching process including the evaluation
  • Upon submitting your application, it will be recorded in a database and is only valid for the academic year in which it was requested. Otherwise, if you do not come in that period, you must make a new formal request.
  • The above prices include the following:
    • Program enrollment
    • Right of attendance to all practical and theoretical teaching activities
    •  Right to all the exams including the final state examination Marks certification
    • Title duly legalized by the University of Medical Sciences where the student has attended
    • studies at the end of the program
    •  Use of library services during the studies
    • Access to sport and cultural areas of the University of Medical Sciences
    •  Participation in its various manifestations and scientific advisory for research works
  • The above prices do not include the following:
    • Accommodation
    • Meals
    • Teaching materials
    •  National or international transportation
    •  Telephone services and/or internet services
    •  Books
    •  Printing
    •  Immigration procedures in Cuba
    •  Change of migratory status
    •  Identity document
    •  Translations and legalizations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or embassies
    •  Health insurance or medical care
    •  Paperwork and transfer of the deceased in case of death.
  • Prior and upon the student’s arrival to the Republic of Cuba, CubaHeal Inc. will be responsible for coordinating and concluding the following logistical issues: 
    •   Prior to the student’s arrival:
      •  Ensure adequate accommodation in or near the school Keep constant line of communication with the university’s administration to confirm seat reservation
      •  Arranging for airport pickup
      • Arranging accommodation and meals for the first month. The total cost for such arrangement is 500.00 CUC
  •  Upon Student’s arrival:
    •  Airport pickup
    • An orientation session to familiarize the student with:
    • CubaHeal team;
    •  local transportation;
    •  Other aspects relating to and city’s facilities as well as relevant immigration and legal laws that must be adhered to in the Republic of Cuba
      •  Establishment of bank
      •  Stand as a permanent point of reference for the student should a need arises
      •  Stand as a permanent point of reference to the student’s relatives overseas should the need arises

 For students interested in the above program, kindly note the following:

  • CubaHeal requests an initial deposit of CA $ 135.00 for the submission of all university admittance forms. To that end, please be aware of the following:
    • Should the Cuban Academic Services Authorities (CASA) approve a student, the initial deposit will be deducted from the total cost of the 1st year of the program.
    • Should the Cuban Academic Services Authorities (CASA) refuse the enrollment of a student, CubaHeal will refund the full amount less any applicable transfer fees.
    •  Should the student reject the educational program proposed by the Cuban Academic Services Authorities (CASA), CubaHeal reserves the right to retain the deposit and treat it as a consultation fee.

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