Enrique Cabrera University General Hospital


Enrique Cabrera University General Hospital was founded with a spirit brewed in the words of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro: “We will not stop until every family can take their loved one to a hospital that is really good…” (June 12, 1961).

The Hospital, which was created by the Revolution in Havana, opens its doors to our people by the name of National Hospital (Hospital I Nacional). It is equipped with all accessories typical of a modern hospital.

The Hospital has, along with the hospitalization wards, multipurpose and special intensive care units and emergency rooms with emergency care wards. It has an outpatient department for all medical and surgical specialties and a neonatal and maternity wards with specialized laboratories.

Also, the hospital has all the different diagnostic specialties, such as a central Laboratory, blood bank, imaging center, pathology department, and endocrinology department, among others.

The hospital was expanded in 2008 with the addition a radiology department, a microbiology department, an ophthalmology department and a cytogenetic Laboratory, backed by some of the most advanced high-tech equipment.

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