Initial Rehabilitation Program for Rheumatic and Degenerative Joint Diseases 2017-04-26T01:53:06+00:00

Rheumatic and degenerative joint diseases lead to functional limitations for execution of basic activities of daily living.

The comprehensive and intensive program of rehabilitation that proposed will help improve many of the lost functions, increase the tolerance to physical activity and achieve greater independence.

The Initial rehabilitation program for rheumatic and degenerative joint diseases program includes the following:

  • 28 Nights of hospitalization. The Hospitalization will include accommodation, nursing care and medical assistance, as well as three course meals)
  • Specialized medical care and physiotherapy
  • Interconsultation with psychology
  • Diagnostic tests: Ultrasound Bone Densitometry Erythrosedimentation Hematocrit Hemoglobin ALT
  • magnetic bed (15 sessions)
  • Poliphysiotherapy (38 sessions)
  • Ozone therapy (10 sessions)

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