Juan Manuel Marquez Pediatric Teaching Hospital


“Juan Manuel Marquez” Pediatric Teaching Hospital provides care in different pediatric specialties in the medical sciences. In the 80’s when the country was hit by Dengue epidemic, the old Pediatric Hospital of Marianao Paquito Gonzalez-Cueto did not have the capacity to handle patients’ influx.

The hospital was created on November 30th, 1989 after a visit of President Fidel Castro to intensive care physicians who asked for the creation of a new hospital and was named “The Palace of children”.

The prestige and knowledge of professionals have enabled this institution to receive several national and international awards.

The institution has become the national and provincial referral center for the specialties of polytrauma, Neuropediatrics, Neurosurgery, Pneumology, Cystic Fibrosis, Burns, Gastroenterology, Microbiology, Oncology and treatment for HIV positives and AIDS patients.

This teaching center participates in the training of pre and post medical degrees, Bachelor in Nursing, basic and post basic nurses, health technicians and Bachelor of Health Technology; considered high quality in different clinical disciplines and all professional and technical careers of Medical Sciences, with emphasis on the different clinical and surgical specialties.

It promotes scientific research and technological innovation in the fields of hospital care, development, and validation of diagnostic tests and Educational Improvement Programs in the Proved of municipalisation of teaching. This hospital has a great cloister of professors.

The Juan Manuel Marquez Pediatric Teaching Hospital is responsible for meeting the demands of specialized medical care for children in the country. Health authorities have categorized it as a center of excellence in healthcare, teaching, and research.

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