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National institute of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery

National institute of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery

Cuba has recently earned the reputation of being a popular medical tourism destination. The country is at par with many other nations when it comes to offering medical facilities. They have highly professional doctors and top-quality medical practitioners. Cuba has always been proud of its high literacy rate as well as their education system. In the year 2000, the literacy rate in Cuba was 97%. The educational system is centralized and under the control of the government.

Cuba has been producing committed health workers who are proficient to work in difficult and remote health conditions as well. The selection system for Cuban medical education keeps in mind the social skills as well as academic abilities of the student. This aspect has lent a helping hand in overcoming the loopholes in distribution of health workers, which is a major issue with most of the countries.

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Medical Education in Cuba:



The medical education system in Cuba is so famous that many overseas medical universities as well as colleges offer scholarship programs for their students to get trained as physicians in Cuba. In fact, if you are not able to pay the high tuition fees for studying medicine in US, you can definitely go to Cuba for an affordable medicine course.

Medicine Study:

Cuban Doctors

Cuban Doctors

Healthcare has always been a priority for Cuba and thus offers free medicine study for students. This is the reason why the country has been training some of the most excellent physicians in the world.

Cuba believes in integrating new technologies with the curriculum taught in medical schools. This results in equipping the physicians with authentic and effective ways to handle even complicated healthcare situations. The technical aspect of medical studies in Cuba is extremely high and has produced some highly skilled doctors and other medical practitioners.

The Cuban medical system has been divided into five major careers. These include medicine, dentistry, nursing, and health psychology and health technology.

The medical education system in the country is definite and is continuously updated in order to fulfill the demands of the times. The curriculum is of very high standard and does complete justice to the medical field. There are many effectual courses for not only doctors but also for the medium level medical technicians.

Cuba is no doubt a heaven for those wishing to seek the best of medical education worldwide.

Cuban Medical Schools Overview
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Doctor in Dentistry
Postgraduate Medical Programs
Diplomas, Training Courses, Visits, Fellowship and Internships

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