The Medical Programs for Addiction Rehabilitation Preceded by an experience of over two decades, these programs are based on the approach called “Therapeutic Community’, as in group living settings patients share moods, feelings, and situations. This system implemented in stages, redirect individual, family and social responsibilities to achieve two main goals: abstinence and change in lifestyle. Centers or villages are located at central and east regions of the country.

The rehab program is focused on detoxification and rehabilitation for people suffering from these health problems that threatens their physical, intellectual and social life. It is performed in a natural environment, with the participation of a multidisciplinary specialized medical team in a minimal period of three months with the consequent recycling period, all of which allows the re-evaluation and ratification of the therapy applied, allowing a recovery and elevated self-esteem, social and family relationships and achieving physical development. Medical research has demonstrated along several years of experience, a result of 45 % recovery. This program is supported by the Scientific Society of Cuba in the specialty of Psychiatry.

success smart medical doctor working as concept

Medical Doctors working as a team

Please take note of the following regarding the Cuban medical program for the rehabilitation of addiction:

  • The expenses for a companion during the first 15 days, is included in the total package price

Please take note that the Cuban medical program for the rehabilitation of addiction does not include the following:

  • Medical services that are not directly associated with receiving treatment, such as:
  • Dentistry, which is charged separately according to official prices
  • Other diseases and surgery, which are charged separately according to official prices
  • Drug dispensing fees and prices other than those which are used to control addiction disorders of the customized Medical Program
Addiction Rehabilitation Program
Addictions Rehabilitation Program-Recycling

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