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Pediatric Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation Program

The Pediatric Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation Program provides cochlear implant assessment, audiological follow-up and rehabilitation with a multidisciplinary team of specialists.

A cochlear implant is a device intended to supply stimulation to the auditory nerve in the inner ear. The device has both an external and internal sections, whereby the internal section must be surgically implanted under the skin in the area behind the ear. Cochlear implants is intended for patients whose hearing loss is too severe to benefit from the use of hearing aids.

The cochlear implants program was introduced in 1998. The procedure was later perfected thanks to the joint efforts of multi-discipline specialists and scientists in the fields of logotherapists, audiologists, neurophysiologists, otolaryngologists, neuro-pediatricians, psychologists, speech therapists and teachers.

CubaHeal affordable treatment

CubaHeal affordable treatment

The Pediatric Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation Program involves the following surgical intervention, equipment programming and, if required, hearing rehabilitation. The end result is to improve the patient’s diction, esthetics and tonality:

  • Transfer in / out from Airport
  • Private hospital room accommodation which includes air conditioning, medical and nursing care and breakfast lunch and dinner meal plan
  • Logopedics and Phoniatrics consultations
  • Auditory brainstem evoked response (ABR) testing
  • Hearing evaluation
  • Protocol of hearing and language
  • Surgical intervention
  • Intensive auditory and speech rehabilitation

The Rehabilitation Program for pediatric cochlear implant patients program excludes the following:

  • Other procedures deemed necessary by the physician (always with the explicit consent of the client)
  • Drugs and other medical services that could apply to both patient and companion.

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Pediatric Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation Program
Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation Program

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