Cuban Medical Program for The Rehabilitation of Addictions

Preceded by an experience of over two decades, the Republic of Cuba has gained global recognition due to its development of a comprehensive support system designed to help people in in their fight against substance addiction. people with addictions.

The ” rehab addict ” program is made of, well structured, three months of treatment and rehabilitation with special emphasis to modern cognitive behavioral approach and therapeutic communities’ regime.

Addiction rehanilitation

The visitors receive professionals help in developing social control mechanisms needed to break away from alcohol, hard drug and drug addiction, and to realize the benefit of detoxification and rehabilitation. The treatment centers are operated by specialized management teams and multidisciplinary staff

A minimum of three months is mandatory, in addition to a subsequent period of follow up intended for the re-evaluation and verification of the therapy applied.


  1. patients must be admitted under their own free will
  2. A patient must be free of AIDS or a chronic liver disease
  3. It is strongly recommended that the patient be accompanied by a relative or close friend, who will stay with him/ her during the evaluation period and first week of treatment. The objective is to actively participate in the evaluation stage and at the beginning of therapy.

The program has the following phases:

  1. First week of evaluation:
  2. Determining if the patient should stay in the program
  3. Definition of the custom-made therapeutic design for each patient.
  4. 7 days of accommodation and food (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  5. Specialized examinations, which includes the following:
  6. X rays;
  7. Electrocardiogram; and
  8. Blood tests
  9. Treatment Program:
  10. A personalized program according to clinical, psychological and physical characteristics, also taking into account the social environment of origin, specific family situation, among others
  11. Three months’ accommodation for the patient, which will include accommodation, nursing care and medical assistance, as well as three meal course and use of recreational and therapeutic areas);
  12. Rehabilitation treatment;
  13. Performed activities, which generally include:
  14. Group Psychotherapy
  15. Individual Psychotherapy
  16. Music Therapy
  17. Occupational Therapy
  18. Acupuncture sessions and Relaxation
  19. Physical Rehabilitation (Physical Culture)
  20. Physiotherapy
  21. Psychotherapeutic Activities outside the unit
  22. Contracted Recreational activities
  23. Medication for the control of addiction disorders; and
  24. Issuing of Medical Summaries and Recommendations

Therapeutic Communities:

The therapeutic community model applied utilizes coexistence which allows patients to share their feelings, frustrations, efforts and dreams. The program insures privacy in a secure and relaxed environment resulting in an enjoyable stay and contributes to the rapid and full recovery of the individual.

The Therapeutic Community encompass all the conditions of accommodation, medical care and entertainment for the patient to insure an atmosphere of familiarity, understanding and help. rehab addict

Important notes:

  1. Companion’s stay is at no cost during the first 15 days (evaluation and first week of treatment);
  2. Domestic air fare and transportation to and from the treatment facility are included in the program;
  3. Once the patient is released, if he or she suffers from recurrence, the patient should start the program from the beginning


  • The above program does not include medications for certain conditions such as
    depression, blood coagulation, etc.
  • Medicaments, fluids, blood and derivatives to be used, as well as additional procedure(s)
    performed not included in the exact treatment would be invoiced
    separately on upon the conclusion of said treatment / procedure(s)

rehab addict 


Private room with the following features:

  • Electronic patient bed
  • Equipment for disabled patient
  • Oxygen hookup
  • Three à la carte meals taking into account the patient’s preferences and / or special diets prescribed by physician
  • Fully equipped private bathroom
  • Infirmary and nursing care
  • Colour TV with national and international channels
  • Local and international phone services (extra cost will apply)
  • Safe box
  • Internet service on every floor
  • Laundry services


  • Each patient/ companion will be assigned a multi-lingual field member with the mandate of attending to all of our patients’ translation and personal needs
  • Domestic flights to and from the center
  • Local airport pickup and drop off

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