Pamela Bryden


Thank you CubaHeal, Doctors, Nurses, Staff, Researchers – you have given us hope!

My mom, Judy, was diagnosed with Lung Cancer July 15, 2016. It was a devastating blow, one far too many people have to endure. Following surgery on September 30th to remove the tumor, we learned it was non-small cell lung cancer. Chemotherapy began in late November. Chemo was very hard on mom, and she decided she could not continue. A body scan late December confirmed the cancer had spread to her hip bone, it was stage 4. When mom declined further Chemo, her Oncologist advised she had less than one year to live. This of course broke our hearts. Mom went through radiation on her hip – but declined further Chemotherapy due to the painful side effects. She was given less than 12 months to live.

Dad refused to believe there were not other solutions – and undertook an extensive investigation. He was lucky to find CubaHeal. We were thrilled to learn she would be a candidate for CimeVax Vaccine. Mom, dad and my sister travelled to La Pradera, Cuba in March, 2017. It was one of the best experiences of their lives. They were treated like family, with love and genuine care. The team of doctors, nurses and staff took amazing care of them. Bonds were quickly formed. Following the week of treatment, they were sent home with Cimevax – and treatment continues.

Late September mom had a lung scan and bone scan. Nerves were on high alert as we waited anxiously for results. Tears flowed freely when we learned her lungs were clear, the spot on her hip is smaller, and the cancer has not spread. Amazing news! UPDATE: mom had an X-ray last week – and lungs are still clear!!!

You have given us hope and an opportunity to celebrate life! More people need to know about what you do – we need to tell your story louder! You change people’s outcomes, provide hope when there is little to none. We are so grateful for what you do!

Thank you,
The Bryden family

Jurgen Pazourek


As a patient with free health care and many different treatment options available my diabetic ulcer kept growing bigger. I have visited Cuba many many times before and heard and researched a drug called Heberprot. Not found anywhere except Cuba. So by chance about 32 month later I found a company called CubaHeal located in Markham.

I contacted them and after I submitted my documentation history and pictures it took about 2 weeks and I was in Havana on my way to the hospital Circa Garcia. From the moment I stepped out of the plain until my return 31 days later I was treated by professional and courteous in every way. The facilitation and treatment plans were interpreted so as to know what the plans are. The people are caring and look after you beyond your expectations to make you feel better. It was a eye opener to see the possibilities of treatments that are available in Cuba.. I would highly encourage people with ailments contact CubaHeal to facilitate a treatment plan for you. My foot ulcer wound is now closed from a baseball size on the ankle to closed in a month. You are a patient and are treated as such. You are not a number just being processed. You are there to heal. And I can guarantee if you follow the treatment plan you will leave in better shape. I must thank all the staff members here in Canada and everyone in Havana. While you are in Havana open your eyes and heart. You will learn a lot.

Miley Binns


Recently I accompanied my sister to Cuba to seek medical help. We used the services of CubaHeal which was the best decision we made, From we landed in Havana we were greeted and treated with such love and respect, we were able to relax while CubaHeal Representatives took charge of our lives. It felt good to be in a Spanish speaking country without having to worry about a single thing. I want to thank the entire staff of CubaHeal for their professionalism in handling our affairs.

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