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Treatment of Psoriasis


Psoriasis is a common, chronic, non-contagious relapsing/remitting skin disease. Normally, skin growth is slow and takes about a month to flake off. With psoriasis however, this process can happen in just few days causing the skin to develop thick, red lesions with white/silver scales that are often itchy and painful. The skin lesions seen in psoriasis may vary in severity from minor localized patches to complete body coverage.

Though it is still unknown as to why psoriasis develops, it is generally believed to be an autoimmune disorder in which the body mistakenly attacks healthy cells. A number of studies have shown that genetic predisposition coupled with environmental factors contribute to the development of this skin disease.  Stress, cold weather, injury to the skin, upper body infections, excessive alcohol consumption and smoking are some the environmental triggers for psoriasis. The disease affects 2 – 4% of the general population and is found equally among different ethnic, racial and gender groups.


One of the most effective treatments for psoriasis is Coriodermina, a topical, water soluble gel developed from the human placenta by Dr. Carlos Miyares Cao, with a success rate of 84.6% of complete clearing of lesions; 8.5% of marked improvement; 5% of minimum improvement and 1.9% of no improvement.

The success of Coriodemina is owing to the fact that it works by inhibiting and regulating the speed of the epidermic cells and by neutralizing cytokines and neuropeptides (molecules responsible for cell communication). Coriodemina is applied directly to the psoriatic lesions and is then absorbed by the dermal level (the middle layer of skin that acts as first defence against heat, light, infections and injuries) . The effectiveness of Coriodemina depends on the age of the patient; the percentage of affected area; the length of time the patient has been suffering from psoriasis and the correct application of the treatment.  Coriodemina is innocuous and can be used to treat children, pregnant or nursing women and the elderly with no side effects.

To receive treatment for Psoriasis in Cuba consultation with a specialist must first be made who will then determine the length of treatment and the number of bottles of the therapeutic product to be used.

Our experts recommend the suspension of all skin treatments 45 days before the arrival to Cuba.

Please note that the medication is not sold without an evaluation of a specialist and without prescription from a qualified doctor.

This is an ambulatory service and includes:

  • General Conference on this disease.
  • Specialized medical consultations.
No. Treatment Session Hospitalization
1 Daily treatment with diagnostic tests 4 days
2 1 treatment session for training with diagnostic tests 4 days
3 daily treatment without diagnostic tests 2 days
4 1 treatment session for training withoutdiagnostic tests 2 days

Our experts recommend the suspension all skin treatments 45 days before the arrival to Cuba.The number of sessions of treatment will be determined by the specialists at the time of personalizing the program. If you don’t have the result of skin biopsy, then it will be done at the clinic for an additional nominal fee.

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