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Oncology Programs
Head and Neck Cancers Programs
Sarcomas Medical Program
Lung Cancer Medical Program
Digestive Tract Cancers Medical Program
Breast Cancer and Gynecologic Cancers Medical Programs
Skin Cancer Medical Program
Urological Cancer Medical Program
Endocrine Cancer Medical Program
Neurological Cancer Medical Program
Diabetes Including Diabetic Foot Ulcer Program
Gynecology and Infertility Treatment Programs
General Gynecological Examination Program
Gynaecological Treatment Programs
Couples Infertile Evaluation Program
Pregnancy Termination Program
Medical Programs for Addiction Rehabilitation
Addiction Rehabilitation Program
Addictions Rehabilitation Program-Recycling
Orthopedic Programs
Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery
Cardiology Programs
Initial Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Program
Continuation of Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Program
Cardiovascular surgery in children
Initial Rehabilitation Program for Paraplegia
Continuation of Rehabilitation Program for Paraplegia
Initial Rehabilitation Program for Hemiplegia
Continuation of Rehabilitation Program for Hemiplegia
Rehab Programs for Disabilities and Chronic Health
Pediatric Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation Program
Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation Program
Transplant Programs
Renal Transplantation Assessment Program (living donor)
Other Transplant Programs and Subsequent Treatments
Maxillofacial Surgery
Medical Programs for the Elderly
Comprehensive Evaluation for the Elderly
Psychomotor Comprehensive Rehabilitation
Functional Rehabilitation in the Elderly (10 Sessions)
Quality of Life Revitalizing Treatment (10 Sessions)
Comprehensive Care for Patients with Memory Disorders
Cosmetic Surgery Programs
Breast Cosmetic Surgery
Liposuction Procedures
Facial Cosmetic Procedures
Medical Checkups
Executive Medical Checkups
Comprehensive Medical Checkup
Preventive Checkup for the Elderly (Men and Women)
Cardiovascular Checkup
Medical Checkup for Hypertensive Patients
Toco-Gynecological Checkup
Medical Checkup for the Diagnosis of Osteoporosis
General Surgery
Conventional Surgery/ Microsurgery
Minimally Invasive Surgery Programs
Female infertility
Male infertility
Male Sexual Dysfunction
Skin Medical Program
Vitiligo Treatment Program
Treatment of Psoriasis
Treatment of Alopecia Areata Universalis
Eye Programs
Eye Consultation Services
Ophthalmological Evaluation Program
Retinitis Pigmentosa Programs
Cataract Surgery

CubaHeal Testimonials

5 star review  Recently I accompanied my sister to Cuba to seek medical help. We used the services of Cuba Heal which was the best decision we made, From we landed in Havana we were greeted and treated with such love and respect, we were able to relax while Cuba Heal Representatives took charge of our lives. It felt good to be in a Spanish speaking country without having to worry about a single thing. I want to thank the entire staff of Cuba Heal for their professionalism in handling our affairs.

thumb Miley Binns

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