Vitiligo Treatment Program

Vitiligo, refers to a non-contagious skin condition characterized by the appearance of white spots on various parts of the body. This is due to the lack of melanocytes, cells tasked with color production. It can manifest in numerous areas, including the face, neck, scalp, hands, legs, and genitals. It can also, albeit less commonly, affect the mucous membranes, such as the inside of the mouth and nose. Notably, when Vitiligo presents itself on the scalp, the hair in that region turns white.

Cuba is internationally renowned for offering one of the world’s most sophisticated Vitiligo Treatment Programs. The protocol for treatment involves a thorough evaluation by a specialist to determine the appropriate course and duration of treatment. This expert assessment dictates the number of therapeutic product doses required for the patient’s condition. It’s essential for prospective patients to know that all existing skin treatments should be halted at least 45 days prior to their arrival in Cuba. This step ensures the most accurate evaluation and the most effective implementation of the treatment program.


A certified dermatologist determines the presence of vitiligo by examining your skin and going through your medical history.

The dermatologist may employ a device known as a Wood’s lamp for an in-depth analysis of your skin, providing a more distinct view of vitiligo-affected areas.

Vitiligo diagnosis

Different lighting conditions are utilized to ensure an accurate diagnosis. Regular lighting (A) makes vitiligo less apparent on a patient’s skin. However, the patches are more discernible under specific types of Wood’s lamps (B and C).

If vitiligo is detected during your examination, your dermatologist might suggest conducting blood tests. Vitiligo is classified as an autoimmune disorder, indicating that your immune system mistakenly targets the healthy cells responsible for your skin color.

There is an increased risk of developing other autoimmune conditions, such as thyroid disease, in individuals with vitiligo. Blood tests can identify the presence of such diseases.


Private room with the following features:

  • Three à la carte meals taking into account the patient’s preferences and / or special diets prescribed by physician
  • Fully equipped private bathroom
  • Infirmary and nursing care
  • Colour TV with national and international channels
  • Local and international phone services (extra cost will apply)
  • Safe box
  • Internet service on every floor
  • Laundry services


  • Assistance in visa issuance and extension (If needs be)
  • Each patient/ companion will be assigned a multi-lingual field member with the mandate of attending to all of our patients’ translation and personal needs;
  • 20 hours internet service;
  • Local airport pickup and drop off; and
  • Hospital pickup and drop off (if needed)

This is an ambulatory service and includes:

  • General Conference on this disease
  • Specialized medical consultation
  • Daily treatment with diagnostic tests (4 days hospitalization)
  • 1 treatment session for training with diagnostic tests (4 days hospitalization)
  • Daily treatment without diagnostic tests (2 days hospitalization)
  • 1 treatment session for training without diagnostic tests (2 days hospitalization)

Our experts recommend the suspension of all skin treatments 45 days before the arrival to Cuba.Having evaluated the case, the specialist determines the length of treatment and indicates the number of bottles of the therapeutic product to be used.

Focal Vitiligo

One or more spots in one area occurring mostly on knees, fingers, elbows, lower back or genitals

Segmental Vitiligo

The least common form of Vitiligo is characterized by the appearance of spots on just one side of the body. While the exact cause of Vitiligo remains elusive, research suggests that it is more prevalent among individuals with hyperthyroidism, pernicious anemia, or adrenocortical insufficiency.

Several factors may contribute to the development of Vitiligo. These include an autoimmune reaction, genetic predisposition, oxidative stress, neurological factors, thyroid disease, and diabetes. Other triggers could be sunburn, viral infection, or exposure to certain chemicals. It’s worth noting, however, that these are not definitive causes, but potential factors that could increase the likelihood of developing the condition.

Globally, the incidence of Vitiligo is less than 1%. However, in some populations, this figure can range between 2-3% and even rise as high as 16%. The condition can be diagnosed in any age group, but it is most often identified in individuals between the ages of 10 and 40 years. Vitiligo affects all ethnic, racial, and gender groups, but its appearance is more noticeable on people with darker skin tones due to the stark contrast.


Treatment for vitiligo through our services is by using the ointment Melagenina Plus, an alcoholic extract from the human placenta mixed with Melagenina and calcium developed by Dr. Carlos Manuel Miyares Cao.

This ointment works by stimulating the reproduction of melanocytes around the borders and/or inside the area affected. Studies have shown that it is effective in about 86% of patients, and when used properly results can be seen within 3 to 7 days.

Melagenina Plus is safe and can be used on children, pregnant or nursing women and the elderly without any side effects. To receive treatment in Cuba for vitiligo consultation with a specialist must first be made. Having evaluated the case, the specialist determines the length of treatment and indicates the number of bottles of the therapeutic product to be used.Our experts recommend the suspension of all skin treatments 45 days before the arrival to Cuba.Please note that the medication is not sold without an evaluation of a specialist and without prescription from a qualified doctor.

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